About Freezone

What is Freezone?

The Freezone offers a range of video and radio content for iiNet, Westnet, Netspace, Internode and Adam Internet customers to enjoy without taking a hit to their monthly quota. Everything from movies, music, sports and gaming content is available along with several live streamed events throughout the year.

Better still, if you do max out your quota and become shaped, downloads from the Freezone will still be accessed at full speed. All iiNet broadband and Naked DSL accounts include access to the Freezone. (excludes mobile broadband, satellite and Adam Internet broadband)

Freezone is unmetered for Internode ADSL and Fibre to the Home broadband customers and Adam Internet ADSL, VDSL2, NBN and WiMAX broadband customers.

What's not in the Freezone?

While browsing, you'll need to be careful about clicking links that could take you out of the Freezone. Once you've ventured into non-Freezone territory, data will be counted towards your monthly download quota.

Traffic from Freezone content can also became metered if you alter the DNS settings on your computer. We recommend using the automatic settings assigned by our servers to ensure this doesn't happen.

While the actual download of data isn't counted towards your monthly quota, some sites may require you to pay for content you download. For example, downloading music from iTunes Australia won't count towards your quota*, but will still have to pay for the actual product.

Lastly, uploads to iTunes Australia are not counted as Freezone traffic and will be counted towards your quota.

(* excludes Adam Internet broadband)


Video on Demand

How fast does my broadband connection need to be to view videos on Freezone?

Videos on the Freezone will be available in a variety of bandwidth streams, from 512kbps up to 2Mbps, depending on the speed of your internet connection. Australian broadband users should be able to view videos without significant disruptions.

Users with connection speeds of 1.5Mbps or less may experience disruptions in the video. To minimise any streaming problems, don't download anything else from the Internet at the same time as watching video.

Which web browser can I use to watch video?

For Windows, we recommend Chrome, Firefox or IE9 with the latest version of Adobe Flash. On the Mac, we recommend Safari with the latest version of Flash.

Your browser must have Javascript and cookies enabled for the videos to work properly.

Can I record, download and save video?

Due to copyright and broadcast restrictions, you are not permitted to download, capture or stream any videos from the Freezone. You may only view them in your browser.


TV Channels

The TV Channels section provides an easy way to view the linear TV channels provided by Freezone which includes various Premier League football club channels, Bloomberg business news and the FetchTV movie trailer channel.

The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) will provide any available programme information for each channel.

Special live event streams will not show up on the EPG, but will instead have their own sections under the Video on Demand categories and will feature in the Live Broadcasts section of the homepage.


Radio Stations

What's the difference between playing a radio station and downloading the m3u/pls file?

When you choose to play the radio station, it will play inside the Freezone player. This means you will hear the music for as long as your browser is open.

When you choose to download the m3u or pls file of a radio station, your browser will ask you to open or save the file to your computer. You can then use your preferred media player to open the file and listen to the radio stream. This means the radio station will keep playing even after you close your browser.

Which media player can I use for streaming radio stations?

You can use most mainstream media players to play our radio station streams including VLC, Windows Media Player, iTunes and RealPlayer.

Which web browser can I use to play radio stations in-browser?

For Windows, we recommend Chrome, Firefox or IE9 with the latest version of Adobe Flash. On the Mac, we recommend Safari and the latest version of Flash.

Your browser must have Javascript and cookies enabled for the radio stations to work properly.



The Playlist allows you to create and save custom lists of Freezone video and radio content to enjoy the way you want to enjoy it.

You will need to have an active iiNet, Westnet or Netspace broadband account to log into Freezone. Internode and Adam Internet broadband users are not yet able to use this feature. To begin, click the sign in button at the top of the Freezone website and enter your account username and password.

Creating, switching between, clearing, and deleting playlists is all done from the Manage Playlists drop-down menu. To add a video or radio station to a playlist, click the small + icon in the bottom right corner of a video/radio thumbnail image.