iTunes was Freezone's first partner and we are proud that the partnership continues to deliver quota-free entertainment to our customers. All iiNet fixed line broadband products (*ie. excludes mobile broadband, WiFi, satellite and Adam Internet broadband) include VIP access to the Apple iTunes store with unmetered downloads of millions of songs, music videos, and audiobooks.

This means the iTunes content delivered by the iiNet servers will count as Freezone traffic, allowing you to enjoy hours of the latest entertainment without taking a hit to your monthly quota!

* Please refer to our help page for the full list of plans that are excluded from getting from quota-free content

Frequently Asked Questions
Does all iTunes content count as Freezone traffic?
We’re unfortunately unable to guarantee all iTunes traffic will be counted as Freezone traffic. At the moment, only iTunes content being delivered by the iiNet servers will count as Freezone traffic. Since we can’t determine whether iTunes content will be delivered by iiNet servers, we can’t guarantee which content will be counted as Freezone traffic.

Who do I contact if I experience issues with iTunes?
You can contact iTunes directly by clicking on the Support link in the iTunes store.

Are downloads from the Mac App Store quota free?
Our agreement with Apple does not specifically cover the Mac App Store, so downloading operating system updates and other apps may be counted against your monthly quota.